At present I prepare recording of first album our new band EQUIRHODONT, ( Label SHINDY PRODUCTION ), where guitars will be operated by Ashok(Root), bass by Igor(Root), keyboards by Tudy(Onset) and we are not sure about the post of a drummer yet. The album will be called EQUIRHODONT GRANDIOSE MAGUS and by themes it is going to follow up with Root album „Kärgeräs“. Those who knows that album should also know who Equirhodont is. However musicaly it will be totaly different. I think there is no way to place the style we are going to produce on this album. Or I am not able to place it. There will be about eight songs on the album and a lot of spoken narratives – it will be great drama. I belive that confessors of mystical stories will be exceedingly satisfied, so shall we.

 You used to ask me very often how we prepare the recordings. And what about when preparing a project (without rehreasal room, etc. . . ).Well, the system is : I write the lyrics and make the complete image about project which means if there is a posibility to realize it and if any label is interested to release it, because I don´t want to composed into the drawer. If it is just my musical project, I choose bandmates (in this case as mentioned above) and try to contact them. We meet together and I show them my view of musical expression and whole conception of the album.

They are not going to cooperate with me if there is not a real chance for releasing this opus. But they know that I have to offer a demo to the label. If Root is going to record the album, no demo is need because relasing the Root´s albums is under contract.But there must be a demo if it is project, because the label wants to know to what they will invest in . . . etc, just business.

In my previous projects „Q7“ and „Belial´s Wind“ I wrote all the lyrics and composed all the music. But in case of this album „Equirhodont“ I have found moving myself (that´s what I can feel) much more far. It is not just a minimalistic experimentation in the particular style. Essentialy it is regular opus which for example we can prepare with Blackie for Root. But then it needs a whole band to play on this album. And they must be realy good musicians because of my images. That is why there is such a selection of musicians. We chosen and recorded two songs in Tudy´s home studio and presented them to the Redblack Productions company. Demo has been approved and now we have already worked on songs for the studio recording. We do this by the system of changing demotracks. We sort out the lyrics and everyone in home will record his own image about song he choosed. Then everything is going to gather in my home and I prepare the vocal parts. Exactly : I listen to the songs, rage, phone, smoke cigaretes one by one, stuff myself with cofee and all together round about all the time. Sometimes I refuse to work on the particular song, because it is out from my images about general conception of the album. So, that is how it proceed. And after neverending discussions and arrangements which causing me going mad we go to the studio and put everything to the mixing board. That´s all.

My new solo album is going to be called


nd i can say it is going to follow up with a Root album
It is a mystical story of Great Magician EQUIRHODONT,
you can remember as a annihilator of nation Kärgeräs ,
where he came short of his expectations . . .

In this story EQUIRHODONT leaves the Ametyst palace of his
His father Karndytryxx , master of all magicians, send him to the
Monolith Of Demons.
Hi wants him to find and understand the sense of his own
existence there.
What he can expect during his mystical journey ?
You will be surprise . . .

Seconf Part

We are working on a new album, the second part of the Equirhodont saga, which is going to be called „Black Crystal“. It follows up the story from the moment Equirhodont returns from the Monolith of Demons back to the Empire and paints the dread he experienced after.

We will enter the studio to record the album after summer holidays and we belive the record should be released before the end of the year, again through Shindy Production.

We originaly intended to meet the deadline even before the summer music festivals but the composition and arrangement works turned out to be very demanding (especialy guitar and vocal parts), so we decided to prefer the best possible quality over quick delivery and the original release date.


Well, on the 13th of December 2004 the long-awaited second album finally saw the light of day.

 A small band/label curio: The first CD came out on BigBoss´ birthday and the current album exactly on the drumer´s Sixty birthday.

Check the lyrics section for both english and czech mutations of 2nd part of Equirhodont saga.

And finally, a new poster of Equirhodont was added to PICS section.